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Dancin' 'Round with Bill and Linda Maisch
 Contact us at: 760-789-3236
​Bill and Linda Maisch
San Diego Cuer/Instructors

We have been teaching and cueing for the Round Dance activity since 1989 and currently cue and teach classes in Roundalab Basic Figures and are members of ROUNDALAB. 

Dancin' 'Round at Painted Rock School in Poway on Mondays from 6PM to 9PM - Regular dance schedule resumes on Monday, September 8th from 6 to 9PM

We are featured Cuers/Instructors at numerous festivals and have taught our choreography at local, State and National Conventions.  
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Round Dance, to us, is enjoying Interaction with our partner and music.  We learn Rhythms and Basic Figures.  We solidify the dance figures through repetition.  Each week we add new figures and practice the ones we've learned.  We teach partners to move together and to enjoy the music as a unit. 

Round Dancing requires Physical Activity through Listening, Reacting and learning to Feel the Beat of the music.  Each one of these skills is very good for our health.  They lift our Spirits and make us Smile.
As of December 2012

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+ Regular dance schedule starts Monday, September 8th (see Calendar Tab for details)
   Click here for more information >>  Poway dancing resumes Monday, 9/8  <<

+ DARK - Monday, October 6th